The National Court opens an investigation for terrorism for the attack against Vidal-Quadras

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The judge of the National Court Francisco de Jorge has opened an investigation into the attack against the politician Alejo Vidal-Cuadraswho was shot in the face on a street in Madrid last Thursday.

The magistrate considers that the facts could fall under the jurisdiction of the National Court as it involves a crime of attempted murder of a terrorist nature. He is waiting for the Madrid investigating court that initially opened a case after receiving the police report to rule on the possible jurisdiction of the Court.

It was the former president of Vox himself who, after being shot, pointed out that the Iranian regime could be behind it, given that in his role as a lawyer he has defended members of the opposition to the ayatollah regime. In fact, other Iranian dissidents and opponents of Tehran have been targets of terrorist attacks in USA and Europe and in some cases there have been attacks against Western citizens committed by hitmen.

Specifically, Vidal-Quadras was under the magnifying glass of Iran for his contacts with the group Organization of the People’s Mujahideen of Iran. The former politician, who has a deep relationship with the Iranian exile, explained to the Police that he had “no other enemies.” Vidal-Quadras was one of the first politicians that Tehran included on its terrorist list.

The National Police has reinforced surveillance at the hospital where he is admitted and agents from the Information Brigade specialized in terrorism have assumed direction of the investigation.

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