The national court rejects Vox's complaint against the Belgian judge quoted by Llarena to declare – Notizie


The national court rejected Monday the denunciation of the ultraviolet Vox party and the movement of the 24dos Association against the Belgian judge who admitted the denunciation of Carles Puigdemont's complaint against the trial judge at the Supreme, Pablo Llarena. They also asked that Gonzalo Boye be accused of crimes of rebellion and an alternative of sedition, against peace and independence of the state, judicial appropriation, the usurpation of functions, false testimony, document forgery and procedural frauds.

The judge of the Audiencia María Tardón has issued an interlocutor in which she judges that the Spanish jurisdiction is competent to examine the action of the Belgian judge "for the same matters with which it should be excluded" the review of the judicial proceedings that the Supreme Court has done in the exercise of its jurisdiction. Even so, Tardón does not lose the opportunity to align himself with the complainants in attributing the intentionality to the politicians in exile who have complained against Llarena, according to her, for "defrauding the guarantees of independence" of Llarena and to "try to subjugate the sovereign actions of the Spanish state to the jurisdiction of a foreign state". For the same reason, the complaint is also rejected against the others reported.

The plaintiffs also accused Boye and the exiles of documentary falsification for an ugly translation of Llarena's interlocutory elaboration in support of his complaint. These sentences translated incorrectly can fit into the criminal type because they show, according to Tardón, that he says "there is a clear alteration of the translation and that in this way the meaning of the magistrate's statements is misrepresented", but also rejects the complaint Because document forgery can only be prosecuted if the tax office or the injured party is a person in the case.


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