The national football team took a chartered flight to Japan on the 23rd. During the period in Japan, the nucleic acid was tested every day without a chef._Chinese team_training ground_delegation

Original title: The national football team took a chartered flight to Japan on the 23rd to test nucleic acids every day without a chef during their stay in Japan

With the arrival of the international players who participated in the current national football training in Shanghai, the team’s itinerary for visiting Japan has been basically finalized. According to the plan, the Chinese men’s football delegation will leave Shanghai on a chartered flight on the afternoon of January 23, fly to Tokyo, Japan, and then enter the Hilton Hotel designated by the event organizer. It is understood that in view of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation in the world and Japan, the Japanese Football Association has notified the Chinese Football Association that all members of the Chinese team delegation will undergo nucleic acid testing at a frequency of once a day during Japan. Due to the limited number of delegations, the Chinese chefs who accompanied the team to the previous rounds of the World Preliminaries will not go to Japan and Vietnam this time.

Guo Tianyu asks for leave due to family matters

On the afternoon of January 14, the Chinese team conducted the third outdoor training of this training camp at the Shanghai Century Park football training ground. Including Zhu Chenjie, who had been slightly unwell before, and Shandong Taishan attacker Liu Yang, who had just arrived, a total of 31 players participated in the outdoor training that day. It is understood that in addition to Liu Yang, another 13 international players from Shanghai Seaport and Shandong Taishan Club arrived at the national football resident hotel on the 14th to report. Forward Guo Tianyu originally planned to arrive in Shanghai on the morning of the 14th to report, but because of something at home, he temporarily took a few days off.

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As the personnel are in place one after another, the training of the Chinese team is gradually on the right track. Shortly after the training started on the afternoon of the 14th, except for Yin Hongbo, who was recovering in the gym, most of the international players participated in the training on the field. It is worth noting that from the beginning of this training, the whole team began to carry out passing and receiving training. All the staff were equally divided into two groups for training by different coaches in different areas of the venue, which means that the training will soon enter the stage of technical and tactical exercises.

Daily nucleic acid test after the national football team arrives in Japan

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that while the coaches and players of the entire team went all out to prepare for the game, the team security working group has basically implemented the team’s itinerary plan for this trip to Japan. According to the plan, the whole team will take a chartered flight to leave Shanghai on the afternoon of the 23rd and fly to Tokyo, Japan.

Affected by the epidemic, the Japanese government has continued to implement strict epidemic prevention measures and entry management regulations for foreigners since the end of November last year. After arriving in Tokyo on the evening of the 23rd local time, the Chinese team delegation of 60 people will immediately undergo nucleic acid testing and other physical health tests required by various regulations. Like the previous expedition to West Asia, the Chinese team will strictly implement the “bubble-type closed-loop epidemic prevention” regulations during their stay in Japan. That is to say, after all staff arrive in Japan, all actions will be controlled within the closed loop of epidemic prevention. The specific running track is always kept between the 3 o’clock of the resident hotel, the training venue and the competition venue.

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Different from the previous rounds of the top 40 and top 12 competitions in West Asia, the members of the Chinese team will undergo nucleic acid testing at a frequency of once a day upon their arrival in Japan.

On the day of the expedition, the more you will no longer bring the chef with you

It is understood that the Chinese team will be stationed in a local Hilton hotel during their stay in Tokyo. The Chinese Football Association has previously contacted the travel agency and conducted a comprehensive understanding of the hotel situation through local professionals. It is reported that because the hotel needs to operate normally during the game, the AFC and the host, according to the requirements of the Chinese Football Association, have reserved an independent living area of ​​about 3 floors in the hotel for the Chinese team delegation, and at the same time, the team will be able to enter and leave the hotel. dedicated channel.

It is also understood that due to the strict restrictions on the number of visiting personnel, the Chinese team delegation will not bring chefs or nutritionists to the front of Japan and Vietnam this time. However, since the members of the delegation are relatively adaptable to the local food tastes of Japan and Vietnam, and the meals provided by the resident hotels basically meet the dietary needs of people in East Asian countries (regions), the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese team management team are not worried. What problems does the team encounter in terms of “eating”?

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It should be noted that the hotel where the Chinese team is stationed is not far from the training and competition venues, and the travel time between sections should be controlled within half an hour, which is undoubtedly a favorable condition for the team.

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