News The National Government evaluates increasing the value of the...

The National Government evaluates increasing the value of the third share of the IFE

While you are paying the second instalment of the Family Income for Emergency (IFE), the National Government is evaluating how it will be the third: you could have a higher value (today it is $10,000) and will reach the areas most affected by the quarantine as AMBA and Chaco.

Fernanda Raverta, the owner of the Anses, ratified in radio talks that the payment of the third stage “is not universal for all, but that’s going to go to the areas where the quarantine returns to stage one or where the situation is more complicated.”

The restrictions on the number of beneficiaries, the Government headed by Alberto Fernández studied to expand the amount of the benefit, which could increase to 50 per cent, that is to say, to pass to $15,000. Even some dare to say that the rise could be even higher, although all will be assessed in the coming days.

“When we finish paying the second stage only then we will see how is the third stage of the IFE, which is under review,” said Raverta.



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