The national team looks at the office: a sports director, but Montse Tomé on the bench

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The legacy that the players of the Spanish selection It begins to take shape today. A week after they started a war with the RFEFin which they already have victories, the battle restarts in the offices and it does not seem that it will have the coach as a collateral victim Montse Tomébut you can give him a boss.

The mixed commission that the RFEF, the CSD and the players’ representatives agreed to form to follow up on the agreements reached at the Oliva meetings will meet this Wednesday for the first time. As the president of the CSD clarified, Victor Francoswho attended the game in Córdoba, the Government’s desire is to sign these agreements and “immediately” put an end to a crisis that, at times, they considered impossible to resolve.

In parallel, the priority of the Federation, following the roadmap that Rafael Del Amo said he had transmitted to the president Pedro Rocha, is looking for a sports director. In the last few hours, they have contacted Markel Zubizarreta, who just yesterday announced his departure from FC Barcelona after six years at the head of the women’s team. Her last service as a Blaugrana was to accompany her internationals to the concentration, where she had talks with the federations. She is the great builder of a team that has won two Champions Leagues and has such a close relationship with the leaders of this team that Aitana Bonmatí He considered that “it would be good” to have him around, clarifying that it is not something that they decide.

He will be a boss and a support for Tomé, who has saved the complicated situation unleashed with his call. “It hasn’t been an easy week, but things are good and have calmed down in recent days,” admitted the Barça player. “We are happy,” she responded. Olga Carmona to the question about his relationship with the coaching staff.

So is Tomé, who has learned a lot in two weeks. His presence on the bench hung by a thread, but eight days of coexistence and two victories later, he has gained life and will reach the next October window against Italy and again Switzerland. “It was my debut, my first time for everything. I told them, that I felt proud to do it with them. This has helped me a lot and over time I will value it even more. I am persistent, I trust my work, I try to look forward. I have suffered when we had to suffer and I have been able to move forward when they let us move forward.. “That’s football,” he summarized.

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