The negotiation between Junts and the PSOE extends for "discrepancies in essential elements" of the amnesty law

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The negotiation between Carles Puigdemont’s team and the PSOE for the amnesty law, which was practically ready, has been delayed due to last-minute “discrepancies” that affect “essential elements” of the text.

This Thursday the negotiating teams met for more than six hours in Brussels and finally agreed to a new meeting without making progress on the last-minute obstacles. A press appearance was planned to explain the details of the final agreement but in the absence of such, the press room where this intervention was going to take place before the media has been dismantled. Neither party has issued any statement regarding the latest conversations.

According to what they assure THE WORLD several sources participating in the negotiations, the conversations have been clouded at the last moment after Junts per Catalunya has considered that the socialists have tried to introduce changes in legal issues that they consider fundamental.

Within the framework of the negotiation, the independentists have reproached the PSOE for introducing modifications to legal issues that, in their opinion, had already been resolved in recent days. The pact sealed between Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragonès on the amnesty, which included those prosecuted for their participation in that umbrella Democratic Tsunami and the CDR investigated for terrorism also before the National Court, has not been liked by Junts. Firstly, because the Republicans have a point about forgiveness, secondly because it affects a wording that they wanted to control and appropriate.

Meanwhile, the ERC leadership has given the green light to the global agreement reached with the PSOE for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government, according to republican sources, although the republican militancy must now endorse the pact in a consultation.

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