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This year, the news of the serious illness of the artist has spread throughout the global web. It is said that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has an oncology: brain cancer. The actress's neighbors talked about her terrible condition before being hospitalized.

In recent years, Anastasia lives in the village of Krekshino. Next to her are the stars of the Russian show. However, there are ordinary people who somehow see a celebrity in everyday life. Surprisingly, the elite refuge of the "cream of society" is surrounded only by normal supermarket chains and fairs. Local vendors claim that Zavorotnyuk often buys products from them.

"Because mum, she walks alone," the dried fruit Krekshinsky told reporters, "Two days ago I was on the red Porsche 888. I got plums, dried apricots and raisins from me."

He made it clear that the rumors about celebrity disease are just a provocation. However, other local residents see more and more how Anastasia's mother, Valentina, appears in the church. They say a woman "comes out" in a depressed state.

"Here I did not meet Anastasia and sometimes her mother Valentina comes. They are good people, but it is clear that they are closed," he said. l & # 39; interview the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" is one of the parishioners of the temple. He said that Zavorotnyuk is really sick. Recently, the artist appears more and more in public with a veil covering her head.

"Valya cries constantly. Nastya says she has a headache, can't sleep. And then I saw Nastya … Honestly, I didn't even recognize her. She was always thin, a figurine. And here she is so full, a completely different person. And her hair is luxurious as if not, a scarf on her head, "she added.

However, the director of the concert Zavorotnyuk refused to comment on the situation in any way. He responded rather sharply that he would not disclose information about the health of the artist.


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