the Netflix series had predicted the victory of Italy at the European Championships

I Simpson they had foreseen the presidency of Trump, the attack on the Twin Towers, the pandemic, the purchase of Fox by Disney … In short, over the years the animated series about the Springfield family has built a reputation from Nostradamus.

The crossover short film between the Simpsons and Loki on Disney +

However, since last night we too have a prophetic series: it is 56k generation, which had foreseen the victory of Italy to the Europeans. If you have not yet seen the entire first season of the Italian Netflix TV series, know that it is a prophecy with a high spoiler rate, so continue at your own risk.

The Prophecy of Generation 56K on Euro 2020 is in the season finale (SPOILER)

Gives last evening all of Italy is celebrating the success of our national team, who beat England on penalties at Wembley, at home. A satisfaction as painful as it is deserved, immense and unexpected.

Except from Roberto Mancini and Francesco Ebbasta, the founder of The Jackal who created the Netflix series in which, together with the protagonists Angelo Spagnoletti (Daniel) and Cristina Cappelli (Matilda), there are Gianluca Fru and Fabio Balsamo.

Yes because, as those who have it know finished to see the first (and hopefully not only) season of 56k generation, in the last episode something really prophetic happens, which seems to anticipate Italy’s victory in the European Championships, against England.

In practice, after an internal conflict of Matilda, undecided whether to stay next to the Anglo-Italian boyfriend Enea Greenwood or whether to give in to eternal love for Daniel, the protagonist leaves Enea, a stone’s throw from the altar, and chooses to stay with Daniel. Aeneas understands and cries like a Dawson Leery, because he was really convinced that he was marrying the woman he loves and who he felt was his.

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Well, isn’t the comparison evident with what happened last night at Wembley? With the British convinced that “it’s coming home” and that in the end they cry bitter tears, while the Italians rejoice at the fulfillment of a dream that seemed impossible?

Of course, after the cancellation of the wedding with Aeneas and the visit to the home of Daniel’s parents, Matilda explains to her new partner that she has decided to leave for Paris, where she will attend the master that she had postponed. But “Naples and Paris are not that far away” replies Daniel, and their love will overcome even this distance. Like Italy, moreover, it has overcome the bitterness for not qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.


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