The nets exchange Crabbe for Hawks for Prince


The Brooklyn Nets are contracting guard Allen Crabbe and his $ 18.5 million contract at the Atlanta Hawks, freeing up wage space to pursue two major free trade summer contracts, reported by league sources. # 39; ESPN.

The Nets are sending Crabbe, choice no. 17 in the NBA draft of 2019, and a first-choice of 2020 in the first round at the Hawks for the Prince of Taurean forward and a choice of 2021 in the second round, the league's sources said. The agreement cannot be finalized until 6 July.

Boston guard Kyrie Irving – who should become a free agent – and Brooklyn have a strong mutual interest, ESPN sources said. The Nets have $ 46 million in salary spaces to sign two agents with no maximum contract, which will include Brooklyn's dream scenario of luring Kevin Durant's franchised Irving and Golden State into franchises, the league's sources said.

The Knicks are pursuing the same partnership, but the league's sources say that Irving's interest in the Nets has increased and Brooklyn has emerged as a serious competitor to attract Irving. The Nets could keep the guard of limited free agent D & # 39; Angelo Russell on a max agreement – or near-max – also to play with a free-agent star.

The Hawks have three choices in the first 20 hours, including the numbers 8, 10 and 17. Atlanta could pack those choices to move forward in the draft, of course, or include them in other offers to avoid choosing three first rounders in what is considered to be a weak project. The Hawks have an exceptional young core, including Trae Young and John Collins.



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