The network evaluated the failed concept car Moskvich-2143 "Yauza"


Safety steering wheel, windows that don't open, on-board computer – almost 30 years ago, AZLK almost released a luxury concept in a series.

In 1991, the AZLK plant developed an experimental model Moskvich-2143, which even received its own name "Yauza". The unusual car was unlike anything the domestic manufacturer had done before and looked more like Italian-style coupe of the late 80s than a Soviet utilitarian car.

The prototype has acquired a safety wheel, a completely new combination of devices, a "luxury" audio system, a modern on-board computer and, very unusual, windows that do not open. Under the doors, under the main windows, there were small "windows", regulated by electric drives: their purpose was to transfer the documents to the traffic police.

Of course, there was no talk of ventilation, because at that time they were convinced in the plant that the air conditioning would be engaged in cooling, because the windows were made in this format. Under the bonnet of the Yauza, there was a 1.8-liter petrol engine for 95 mares, owned by the Moskvich-414 model.

In total, 3 copies of an ambitious but unsuccessful prototype saw the light of day: the project was shut down due to low financing and the lack of such a "sophisticated" machine. Commentators in one of the thematic communities, however, are convinced that this Moskvich-2143 would not seem even worse than most of his domestic contemporaries, adding that AvtoVAZ apparently copied some design features from Yauza for his "tens".

"Chirik, we recognized you!", "How many interesting developments have been in AZLK, and it's a shame that none of them has come true", "Did you know how to make beauty before, and now what? All stamp Renault and vparit people ", – network commentators complain that the Moskvich-2143" Yauza "production model has never seen the light of day.



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