The network told about the previously unknown Lada – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

VAZ-2120 “Lada Nadezhda” – the first serial minivan of Russian design – at the end of the 2000s could be “reborn” into a light truck with an index of 2920. Such a machine was fully developed and built in an experimental model, writes Drom… The publication published a photo of the prototype 2920, which was previously kept secret.

The creation of 2920 in 2006-2008. a team of former AvtoVAZ specialists was involved in the work, and the customer was the Chechenavto enterprise located in Argun.

In principle, this development is similar to small-scale VIS. The cabin repeats the body of the “Nadezhda” up to the B-pillar, the rear part is a semi-frame docked to the cabin, on which the cargo superstructure is mounted (onboard platform, van, refrigerator, etc.).

Unlike the “Nadezhda”, which had an all-wheel drive transmission, the cargo 2920 was endowed with a rear-wheel drive chassis. The drive axle was borrowed from the Volga, the rear suspension was made on leaf springs (this increases the carrying capacity). The wheelbase is exactly the same as that of 2120 and 2131 – 2700 mm. The 2920 could carry up to 800 kg of cargo, according to this characteristic, the car stood between the VISs and the Sobol GAZ.

The Chechenavto truck’s cab was planned to be made using press dies purchased from AvtoVAZ, and it was hoped to purchase engines and gearboxes ready-made from AvtoVAZ. The AvtoVAZ management initially agreed to transfer the equipment to Argun, but then suddenly changed their mind. This is why the 2920 did not go into series production.

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The Nadezhda minivan itself was based on the four-wheel drive chassis of the five-door Niva VAZ-2131. The car had a seven-seater saloon and was produced in the AvtoVAZ Pilot Industrial Production. From 1998 to 2006, 8 thousand of these machines were assembled.




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