The new 3D printer models objects with light and is 100 times faster – Arcynewsy


A new printer able to create 3D objects at a speed 100 times faster than conventional machines, incorporating a printing system that solidifies the liquid resin with two lights, was presented yesterday in the United States.

The method could revolutionize the printing of relatively small production jobs with the ability to create up to 10,000 identical items, according to the University of Michigan engineers responsible for its design.

The novelty of the printing system is that it includes two lights that can recreate designs to solidify the resin and keep it liquid elsewhere, following patterns that can become very sophisticated, defend the inventors.

Therefore, these machines can make a 3D bas relief in a single shot, instead of following the conventional system that prints the objects more slowly through a series of lines that are slowly solidifying or through cross sections, a little faster.

“It is possible to obtain materials that are much more resistant and much more resistant to wear,” said engineering professor Timothy Scott at the presentation of the new product.

By adding a second light to stop the solidification of the resin, the Michigan team was able to produce much larger blanks in objects, one millimeter thick.

In conventional systems, there is only one light that hardens the resin and creates the three-dimensional object from the 2D drawings, a method that the engineers responsible for the new printer consider slower.



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