The new Caramilk chocolate bar has been leaked online


It is the cult chocolate bar that literally caused havoc in Australia.

And now, after the great success of the limited edition Caramilk bar, it seems that Cadbury is giving people more than they want.

In a Facebook group dedicated to "Caramilk Addicts", an extremely excited fan has just shared a photo of a completely new version of white chocolate and caramel chocolate: a Caramilk Twirl.

But within a few minutes, the chocolate bar mix had been erased, bringing down all the hopes and dreams of experimenting with the "swirls and curls of caramel chocolate" covered with a thin layer of classic milk.

Of course, is determined to find out if this super hybrid is a legitimate creation and has contacted Cadbury Australia for comment.

During our weeks of rigorous reporting on the hot chocolate block, including pressure for more details on the apparent lack of Caramilk bars on supermarket shelves, the confectionery giant had hinted at a new creation that was making headway.

"Cadbury Caramilk fans who are worried about how they could survive until the next batch arrives at the beginning of 2020 can rest a little more easily knowing that in the meantime we will launch a limited edition Caramilk product in a format they have never seen before, "Cadbury told

Of course, we pushed harder for more information, but the brand remained completely under pressure.

However now it seems that the secret is revealed, especially given the speed with which the post that opens the eyes has been eliminated.

Since the news of the sweetest sweetmeat has returned, this time as a permanent addition to the Cadbury range, people are going crazy. Dedicated fan pages have emerged online and the demand for the material has been so high, money-hungry buyers have listed their bars for up to $ 1000 on eBay.

The frustration and indignation followed when the fans realized that the blocks had a slightly different taste this time, defining the limited edition of 2018 "tastier".

"Attention guys: the taste IS NOT the same, it doesn't have the depth it had in the lot last year", wrote a disappointed person in the Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia at the beginning of this month.

"They must have changed the recipe just like white chocolate".

Caramilk was previously part of the traditional formation of the chocolate brand in New Zealand and Australia until its interruption in 1994.



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