the new coach wanted to take on a bigger responsibility

The new Naples from Luciano Spalletti it makes a square dream, it makes it feed dreams that seemed impossible after the last few seasons. Napoli, after such a crackling start to the season, with the team alone at the top of the standings, dreams big. The goal remains the Champions but the palpable enthusiasm in the city makes us think, even there Gazzetta dello Sport the question arises, given the premises: Will Napoli be able to fight for the Scudetto?

In three months (Spalletti, ed) he was able to conquer the passion of the Neapolitans, a feeling that is not for everyone. A question of sympathy, of course. But enchanting Naples is not easy, to win it you need to make it feel important, to give it prestige, especially in competitions where it has not always been able to prevail. Well, he wanted to take on the responsibility of bringing Napoli where only Bianchi (1987) e Bigon (1990) have succeeded in nearly 100 years of history: to win the Scudetto“, writes the newspaper today.

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