The new driving licences were in circulation from the 16th of September

A new driving licence model to be secured to the format of a credit card will be gradually put into circulation from 16 September 2013. Its format is harmonized for all the countries of Europe.

Like other secure documents (identity card, passport), the new driving licence is produced centrally. In the majority of cases, the licence will then be sent directly to the home owners (with the exception of special cases requiring a delivery of a security at the atm by the user or, in the case where the regional tax has not yet been paid).

This new mode of production implies to adapt our conditions of instruction permit applications. The administration has anticipated this reform in the year 2013 but it is likely that its implementation involves a temporary slowdown in the processing of cases.

From 2 September 2013, all applications filed to the prefecture will obtain this new permit. Users will be asked to fill out a form for gathering additional data necessary for editing the title of driving in the format of the european Union (this document is also available as a download on the website of the prefecture and must be printed in color).

Persons having received a licence pink three strands between 19 January 2013 and 16 September 2013, will have their title priority replaced free of charge in 2014. They will be informed by the prefecture of the terms of trade.

The holders of a licence issued before 19 January 2013 have no approach to do for the moment and will be informed by the prefecture of the terms of trade when the time comes. These permits will be valid until 19 January 2033, will gradually be replaced starting in 2020.


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