The new function protects against difficult moments


For a moment, not paying attention – already the intimate photo ends badly. In the future, WhatsApp wants to protect you from these embarrassing moments. A convenient feature in the popular Messenger makes it possible.

WhatsApp: the new function protects you from embarrassing moments

Source: GIGA.

From harmless holiday snapshots to documents reserved for adult images: WhatsApp sends billions of photos every day. Only stupid if you accidentally select the wrong contact and put the private recordings in a completely different one. WhatsApp has now addressed the problem and has integrated a small but handy function in Messenger that will prevent this in the future.

WhatsApp: the recipient's profile picture must be protected from accidental sending

WhatsApp will permanently show the contact selected in the image editor, for example SmartDroid reported. The contact is shown with its profile image as a circle in the upper left corner. In this way, the sender should always have an eye on who the photo will be sent to.

Here's how the new WhatsApp feature looks:

The name remains unchanged in the lower left corner. In combination with the profile photo and the name, there should be far fewer accidental photographic transmissions via WhatsApp in the future. The new security feature is available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. In the coming weeks, the function should therefore also be included in the normal version of WhatsApp for Android and in the iOS version for iPhone.

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WhatsApp: interior ministers require access to user data

The new feature of WhatsApp could save users from embarrassing moments in the future before a private or confidential image is wrongly sent to the wrong person. The feature does not protect WhatsApp users from access by government agencies such as the police and intelligence services. Here the Interior Minister Seehofer (CSU) of WhatsApp and other messaging services also requires deliberate backdoor installation to access user information.


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