The new iPhone XR is becoming cheaper in Russia at an extreme rate

Extremely fast discharge

In Russia, there was a sharp drop in prices for iPhone XR iPhone, released by Apple in the last days of October 2018. In a number of online stores, its value has already fallen 10% from the selling price recommended, and this is a kind of anti-record for Apple. Previously, its equipment has become cheaper in the Russian market not so fast. The iPhone XR is expected to fall even further in price in the coming weeks.

The cheaper iPhone of 2018

In the new Apple line, the iPhone XR smartphone has the lowest price, and abroad, in the same United States, its price is quite adequate, which, against the background of the five colors of the case and the Apple logo, makes this interesting smartphone for lovers of the brand.

In Russia, there is a slightly different picture: the recommended retail price of the basic version of the iPhone XR with 64 GB of permanent memory is estimated at 65 thousand rubles. or about $ 1000 at the current rate. In the United States, the price of a smartphone starts at $ 750, or roughly 50 thousand rubles. (without sales tax).

"Gray" imports become cheaper

Price for an amount of 65 thousand rubles. relevant to the official version of the smartphone certified by Rosstandart, and official dealers are in no hurry to reduce it, attracting buyers only with installments and gift accessories or with a small discount for online payment.

"Budget" The iPhone XR has become possible to buy in Russia at 10% less than the start of sales

Only "gray" devices are becoming cheaper: smartphones imported into the country without certification and without duties. The iPhone XR "gray" is already available in numerous online stores at a price of 57 thousand rubles and the price reduction continues. The iPhone XR "gray" smartphones have no restrictions on the operation of Russian telecom operators' networks.

Do I have to rush to buy?

Smartphones in Russia will soon rise in price: on January 1, 2019, VAT in Russia will rise from 18% to 20%, which will cause prices to rise for all equipment, without exception. Apple, not waiting for this, has already increased the cost of their laptops, smartphones and desktop PCs. For example, the iMac Pro monoblock rose by 43 thousand rubles. A similar fate awaits the iPhone XR, so if you want to buy this smartphone, it is better not to waste time.

Expectations did not materialize

Apple has put great hopes on the iPhone XR, believing that the iPhone's budget will be purchased in batches in minutes, as is now happening with the new Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus. In fact, the demand for the iPhone XR was so low that Apple even had to cut orders for its production.

Now in the Foxconn factories, as Bloomberg writes, 45 production lines are involved to build the iPhone XR instead of the 60 expected. The day, the company produces about 100 thousand devices, 25% less than the volume expected by Apple.

Even the Pegatron systems do not observe the maximum load on the XR production lines, but the company has not yet revealed the exact figures. Wistron, another Apple partner in the assembly of smartphones, will not receive orders to release the XR model until the end of 2018. Pegatron and Foxconn will release their production capacity to release the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus smartphones – Apple has increased the order from 20 to 25 million for each model.

November 8, 2018, became aware of the problems with the components of the iPhone XR: according to GizChina, suppliers have released several batches of printed circuit boards of insufficient quality. This has forced Apple to once again review the volume of orders for production in the direction of their reduction.

High price: low demand

No matter how trivial, but the lack of interest in the iPhone XR among potential buyers in Russia and many other countries is directly related to its price. 65 thousand rubles modern flagship on Android. Thus, the top Samsung Galaxy S9 with 64 GB of memory can be purchased on average for 54 thousand rubles. (according to Yandex.Market).

By creating an iPhone XR, Apple has saved on the most important component of any smartphone: its screen. The model uses the usual IPS array with the farthest from the highest resolution and with a very large frame and cut.

The smartphone does not have a dual camera and a notable desire of the company to save on nonsense. In the box with a smartphone, there is a buyer who finds an old 1 amp charger and wired headphones with a Lightning connector without a 3.5mm adapter. This adapter can be purchased separately for 700 rubles.

End of the advertising campaign

At the time of the iPhone of the first four generations, customers were in lines of several hours at the doors of the Apple Store. In 2018, there are no such phenomena not only in Russia, but all over the world. Apple's official statistics for the third quarter of 2018 show that now the company has almost no increase in smartphone sales: 46.9 million devices sold against the 46.3 million a year earlier.

In a decline in the number of laptops sold, the company refused to publish sales statistics in future financial statements.


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