A new novel from the bestselling author Marc Levy to 50 million books sold worldwide will be published on 29 September, a-t-we learned on Monday from his editor.

Title It happened the night and published by the editions Robert Laffont/Versilio, the new novel by Marc Levy, is presented as the first volume of a series called “9”. On social networks, the writer, 59-year-old has explained that in order to write his new novel he was “party in the encounter of the real protagonists, the outlaw with a heart of gold, villains well under all reports, manipulators, counterfeiters, smugglers, murderers, white-collar, fucking gorgeous, journalists risk their skin for that the truth broke out…”. “I used to let myself be lead by two characters. This time, they are 9”, he added.

The publisher has not specified the draw of this new novel, but its previous Ghost in lovepublished in large format in may 2019 had a circulation of 350.000 copies. This book, released in pocket in Pocket in February, is in the 10th place of the best sales in the category of pocket in the latest rankings GfK/Livres Hebdo.

In the meantime her new novel, Marc Levy has just published the third and fourth volumes of its youth series, The Little thief of shadows (Robert Laffont). The last two volumes of this series (illustrated by Fred Bernard and inspired from his best-selling book The Thief of shadows) are announced for November. Finally, Phileas, the new publishing house BD Edi8 and Jungle, will be released in 2021, his first comic strip, The Agency of the invisible in collaboration with Sylvain Runberg and Espé.

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