The New Order Period of History is Deverted

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

General Chairman of PDI Perjuangan Megawati Soekarnoputri admitted that he was touched by the many statues of the First President of the Republic of Indonesia Sukarno currently built. Megawati alludes to the historical twists and turns related to Bung Karno during the New Order regime.

This was conveyed by Mega when giving a speech at the inauguration of the Bung Karno Statue in the Tawang Station area, Semarang, Central Java, Wednesday (29/9).

Mega said that the Bung Karno statue was not the first to be built. On February 7, 2020, he was asked by Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and Army Chief of Staff General Andika Prakasa to attend the inauguration of the Bung Karno statue at the Magelang Military Academy, Central Java.

“At that time I was very moved, because I did not expect, because I used to think, Bung Karno during the New Order era practically seemed to be distorted and things related to him were not told correctly,” said Megawati.

After that, according to Mega, there was also a statue of Bung Karno at the National Defense Institute (Lemhanas), as well as at the Bung Karno Gallery. In fact, not only statues, in Masohi City, Maluku there is also the name of Bung Karno street.

“So, what do I want to say? Finally, his name has now been recalled. Because Bung Karno is not only… People used to say ‘mother defends their father, because Bung Karno is my father’. won’t defend his parents?'” said Mega.

“Finally, the name of comments like that disappeared, because it is true that he is my biological father, but he is also my ideological father as a citizen of the nation,” he added.

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The statue of Bung Karno riding a horse stands in front of the Ministry of Defense office complex, Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta, Sunday (6/6/2021). (ANTARA PHOTO/Indrianto Eko Suwarso)

The Bung Karno statue which was inaugurated is part of the work on structuring the Tawang Station area, Kota Lama Area, Semarang. One work is the Bung Karno statue plaza, the other two are the construction of a station mosque that can accommodate 1,000 worshipers and the construction of gate-in/gate-out.

The Bung Karno statue was made by Artist I Nyoman Nuarta as high as 14 meters. The location is surrounded by water because it was built on a polder located in the Tawang Station area. It is predicted that this statue will become the tallest statue of Bung Karno in the world.

Megawati once stated that Sukarno was removed from the presidency and continued to live as a commoner. The incident occurred after the 1965 tempest erupted.

“I grew up in the palace. Due to the political events of 1965 I couldn’t continue my education. And of course because my father was deposed, I lived as a commoner,” said Megawati when she was awarded the title of honorary professor with the status of a temporary professor by the Defense University (IDU). ), Friday (11/6).

Historian Anhar Gonggong said Sukarno was deposed by people who did not like the concepts of nationalism, religion, and communism promoted by the RI proclaimer.

“If he only said that he was removed, it was true, it was Prabowo’s father-in-law (Soeharto) who removed him,” Anhar said when contacted by, Friday (11/6).

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