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Samsung presents its latest best smartphones in San Francisco: S10, S10 +, S10 and S10 with 5G. The highlight is the "fold" with folding display.

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In the highly competitive smartphone market, Samsung is venturing into a new category of devices with a phone that can be explained in a tablet. The device with the name Galaxy Fold will arrive for the price of 2000 euros in May in the trade.

At the same time, Samsung is expanding its range of classic smartphones: the new Galaxy S10 premium device is available in four variants in various price ranges. Among these there is also a version for the super fast 5G data radio. Although the construction of such networks in Germany risks delaying, among other things, the lawsuits, the telephone should also be available in this country.

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The Falt smartphone has a rather small screen for current standards with a 4.6-inch diagonal on the front. When you open it, it folds a 7.3-inch tablet screen. Samsung says that it is possible to switch from one screen to another in an app. If you open Google maps on the small display, you'll see the same point when you open it, but in a larger section with more data.

"Network operators are very interested in the product – also because they can play their content on the big screen," said Samsung's manager, Mario Winter Dpa. If the bill goes up, the Fold devices could be generously subsidized, at least in expensive mobile phone contracts. The Galaxy Fold Expanding "is completely ready for the market and we will certainly sell it on the German market in the second quarter," said Winter.

Samsung had shown a prototype in November and now presented the production model a few days before the Mobile World Congress industry fair. There, other suppliers like Xiaomi from China could also present their folding devices. The less well-known Chinese company Royole has already shown its device called FlexPai at the January CES trade show, where a large screen can be folded away so that it stays outside.

Analyst Anshul Gupta from market research firm Gartner does not expect the new category of equipment to give the smartphone business a short-term boost. "The market no longer works, so people buy a smartphone only because new technologies are available". Over time, however, folding displays will have a huge effect: "There will be more new forms of devices and usage scenarios".

While the Galaxy Fold could remain an exoticism at first, it arrives in March, three models of the new Galaxy S10 series in the trade, which will play a very important role for Samsung. Among other things, it is about competing with Chinese rivals, who are pushing the market with cheaper premium models.

These are the prices for Germany:
♦ Galaxy S10e 128 GB in white, black, green, blue and yellow 749 euros
♦ Galaxy S10 128 GB, white, black, green and blue, 899 euros
♦ Galaxy S10 512 GB white, black, green and blue € 1,149
♦ Galaxy S10 + 512GB in black or white € 1,249
♦ Galaxy S10 + 1TB in white or black 1599 Euro
♦ Galaxy Watch Active Silver, black, rose gold, green 249 Euro
♦ Galaxy Buds Black, White and Yellow 149 Euro

News on the Galaxy S10 is, among other things, a fingerprint scanner with ultrasound technology integrated directly into the screen. The camera on the screen now only needs a circular crop in the upper right corner, so that the display fills almost the entire surface. On the back, an ultra-wide-angle lens has been added to the third camera. The phones can also charge other devices like the new Samsung Galaxy Buds earphones or the non-contact Galaxy Watch Active computer watch. You must place it on the back of the smartphone.

The Galaxy S10 has a 6.1-inch screen diagonal, the S10 + model reaches 6.4 inches. The S10 + costs in the most expensive version 1599 euros – but has a terabyte of integrated memory. The cheapest S10e version is smaller at 5.8 inches and costs 749 euros, as announced by Samsung on Wednesday.

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The 5G model, on the other hand, has been updated beyond ultra-fast data transmission with other features. This includes another camera on the back for depth measurement for better photo effects and advanced reality applications (AR). The screen is even larger with a diagonal of 6.7 inches.

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Samsung sees no problem in bringing the 5G phone to the German market before the launch of such networks. "It can change so fast," said the manager of Samsung Winter. "It was important for us to be able to provide 5G with a high-end smartphone, and if the network operators are ready, they will use it too."

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With its S series, Samsung enters the top segment of the smartphone market against Apple's iPhone. The two suppliers traditionally present their flagship models at six-month intervals and compete for innovative functions. For example, the next generation of iPhone will be able to get another camera and charge other devices wirelessly, as provided by the Ming-Chi Kuo industry analyst.

Samsung and Apple were clearly number one and two on the market for years, while competition from Chinese suppliers is increasing. First of all, Huawei moved Apple from second place on the market after device sales last year. The premium devices of Chinese manufacturers are cheaper than the corresponding models of Samsung and Apple, but at least in previous generations offer comparable performance and features, said Gupner, Gartner analyst. That's why they are gaining the favor of consumers.



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