The new tool to deceive the supervision of teachers: Google Docs


Those who have known the days when schoolchildren circulate a piece of paper in the classroom to sneakily communicate will certainly be jealous of this modern method.

Google Docs online word processing service is increasingly used by teachers to distribute materials to students. Allows users to participate in writing a document and add comments in the margin.

But some Google Docs features can also be used by schoolchildren to discuss it without the teachers' knowledge.

Various methods

Users can create a virtual copy of the document forwarded by a teacher to store it in their personal files. They become the owners of this copy and can decide who can access it. By transmitting it to their friends, they can use it to write furtively.

The margin comment system can also be useful to them. This feature allows you to create a conversation in a block: a student creates a comment and others can respond directly. If the teacher approaches and is likely to discover the jar, click on the "Close" button to cancel the entire discussion.

Google Docs also offers an instant messaging system that many users ignore because it doesn't open by default. Students can take advantage of their teachers' ignorance to send messages with impunity.

Other similar services are used by children for the same reasons, including Microsoft Word Online and OneNote.

And this new trend would not be popular at school, second L & # 39; Atlantic. If your children suddenly seem very studious and are constantly looking at a lot of work to write, you should take a closer look at their screen!


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