The new TV program attracts big plays for Channel 9


The new television offer for the reality of Nine, Lego Masters, had an exceptional debut, beating the final of Seven & # 39; s My Kitchen Rules in the charts of last night.

The first episode of the healthy Lego construction competition hosted by Hamish Blake won the night's rating, attracting 1,377 million spectators in the city's five subways.

In contrast, 946.000 spectators saw participants Matt and Luke win the grand finale of the MKR on Seven.

those Lego Master the numbers put the show up there with the other recent, and very different, reality show by Nine Juggernaut, M At first sight.

And after months of attempts to protect their children from the piercing piercing of wine MAFS prime-time competitors, the parents of all Australia seemed to rejoice in this new offer for families:

With a PG assessment, Lego MasterThe "biggest" controversy "last night was the courtesy of the self-proclaimed competitor" DILF "Kale, a bit of a Lego control freak who didn't seem to want to let his teammate Bilsy, Who has long suffered, plays with his toys:

Viewers also quickly praised Blake's rather "meta" hosting style, which saw him regularly teasing the tropics of television reality. "It would be a good time for an advertising break," he told a competitor during a particularly tense moment. "It looks like this is where they put it." Sure enough, Nine broke a commercial break.

Blake also appeared in a confessional to the camera – as if he were a competitor of the show – to reflect on how well he had fulfilled his hosting tasks up until now.

Nine has adopted a Ninja Warriorexact schedule for Nine, with the show dominating the network's early evening line-up in a short three-week season. Episode two airs at 7.30pm tonight.

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