The new villain in the crossover of Arrowverse could be the key to the DCEU – FANDOM merger


Hiring a great character like the Monitor is not an easy task, but LaMonica Garrett has had one thing calming her nerves. It was the first one

"What was comforting to know is that no one has ever dealt with it before, no one has ever brought it to life," Garrett told Fandom. "People usually have the character as a challenge in their own right and so you have to deal with the people who played that character, whoever Joker will be compared to Heath Ledger, this will be the first time someone has given life to Monitor. . "

Nixing Nix

Garrett & # 39; s Monitor is one of the main villains in the highly anticipated annual Crossover Crossover, titled "Elseworlds". The three-parter finds Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in a body swap situation where they are the only two who know something is wrong. Garrett has discovered he has conquered the part of the omnipotent DC character after a lengthy interview process. Even after he got it, he still did not know who would actually play in the crossover.

"I still did not know who the character was," he says. "I read fictitious sides and I do not like to put out all the information." They played very close to the jacket.After getting the job, I contacted and said "I do not know who I'm playing yet".

When the showrunners revealed that he would be playing Monitor, Garrett's past experience with comics raised even more questions.

"They said [the character I’d be playing] it was the monitor, and I was like, "Well, what monitor? Is Nix Uotan, is the modern version? "I wanted to know the corner where they were going in. When they said it was this Monitor from Crisis, my head went immediately to Anti-Monitor, she went to Crisis on the Infinite Earths".

Rebel with a cause

The best villains are those who think they are heroes.

While preparing to become the first person to give life to the Monitor, obviously he turned to points like Crisis on the Infinite Earths as resources – but he also looked elsewhere to find ways to inform his character.

"I did some research on Marlon Brando, I did some research on Robert De Niro and I did some research on Denzel Washington."

All of these actors have a story playing a morally dubious character. Garrett said that the best villains are those who think they are heroes, which is how he saw Monitor in the crossover.

"He does bad things but he does it for a bigger cause," says Garrett. "He has his way of doing things … In the version of Arrowverse, they're pretty loyal to this – it's not good or bad – it's hard to classify it that way – it does some things that are a little shady, but at the end of the crossover you will see that he is doing everything he is doing. "

The monitor finds something different

Flash John Wesley Shipp
Flash by John Wesley Shipp.

The eventual cover-up of Monitor with Green Arrow, Flash and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) will not be his first meeting with superheroes. A teaser at the end of last week Supergirl is The flash he showed a devastated Earth-90 and a number of dead heroes. The only survivor is Flash of the 1990s by John Wesley Shipp, who shares some words with Monitor before running – presumably to warn our heroes. Garrett says the Monitor is quickly interested in Green Arrow, Flash and Supergirl.

"He's looking for something different, and whoever cues that different energy for his biggest purpose is what he's looking for," Garrett said. "Earth-90 was not the first Earth he'd been in and destroyed in. In the crossover, he sees something different in these heroes he has not seen in other lands, and that's what kindles his energy shift."

That same interest does not extend to John Deegan, a physician at Arkham Asylum, who Monitor works with the messes with the heroes.

"John Deegan is a means to an end," says Garrett. "Every Earth Monitor visits, finds his person like John Deegan to help realize what needs to be done."

Could big and small screens appear?

LaMonica Garrett as the monitor.

In the end, what made Garrett so enthusiastic about the role – and the reason why he thinks Monitor has remained such a popular character over the years – is the possibility that comes with him.

"Crisis It is one of the greatest stories in DC history. The meaning of that story, and was a key figure in that story, has held it in high esteem over time, "said Garrett." There are people who want to see the world of TV and the universe extended in movies they blend together. What would happen if both Flash movies were on screen together, or would they bring other Superman from other realities? That's why, as a fan, we read comics. To see the craziest situations playing live, and the Monitor had something to do with that in the 80s, which we are seeing playing now. "

Jacob Bryant

Jacob Bryant is a chartered writer with a penchant for bloody and hooded performances. He thinks that Jericho is the greatest television success of all time.


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