The new Vox advisor in Extremadura was sanctioned twice for failing to comply with the Hunting Law

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Ignacio Higueronew Vox advisor in the quota of Santiago Abascal’s party in María Guardiola’s government in Estremadura, was sanctioned on two occasions (2014 and 2015) for failing to comply with the Hunting Law of this region, a responsibility for which he is now the most responsible in this territory. Higuero, who took office this Monday, replacing Camino Limia -who had submitted his resignation last week due to problems with Vox-, until now held the position of general director of Forest Management, Hunting and Fishing. As a counselor he will have the powers of Forest Management and Rural World, also including the matters of hunting and fishing of the community.

Specifically, Higuero was fined a serious penalty of 572 euros, according to the Official Gazette of Extremadura (DOE) on September 29, 2014. It occurred during the inspection of a big game hunt when the list of participating hunters was presented as “incomplete” and also “for hunting using unauthorized means or modalities or failure to comply with the regulatory standards on the different hunting modalities”, as stated verbatim by the DOE of that date. Four months later, he again committed the same violation in another montería (DOE of January 27, 2015) for identical reasons and with the same fine.

According to Vox sources, Higuero, within his previous professional career in the hunting sector as an organizer of hunts, received a visit on those two occasions from agents of the Seprona the Civil Guard to carry out routine inspections and required the list of hunters attending said hunts. In one of the cases, the list was incomplete and in another the ID of two attending hunters was missing, which motivated these two complaints, as noted by the Ministry of Forest Management and Rural World.

The president of the Extremadura Regional Government, María Guardiola, indicated this Tuesday that the sanctions issued at the time against the Vox advisor “are satisfied.”

To questions from the media from the building of the Committee of the Regions in Brusselswhere this Tuesday he made his debut as a member of this European body, Guardiola has confessed that he was unaware of the sanctions before Higuero’s appointment to his regional government and has added that the complaints filed against him were limited “to the scope of his private activity before to enter” the executive.

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