The New York Times cancels its Spanish edition because it is not profitable


New York, United States.

The prestigious newspaper New York Times announced the suspension of his on Tuesday Spanish edition, who assured readers in a note did not produce results profitableand explained that it will limit your news in this language to a subscription service.

"To date, we have suspended NYT in Spanish as an autonomous site ", states an article published on its website, which states that the project's intention, launched in 2016, was"reach and attract to more international readers ".

"While the site Spanish has attracted considerable new audiences to our journalism and regularly produced articles of which we are proud, it has not turned out to be financial success", admit the text.

the New York Times has also announced that it will now be sent via a "subscription model" a report with the main news of the day translated to a dozen languages, which "frequently" will be available at the address Spanish.

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However, he emphasizes the means that the change will not affect the "coverage of Latin America, which will remain solid, with dedicated correspondents, based in Medellín, City of Mexico and Rio de Janeiro ".

NYT in Spanish until now I was posting around 10 items a day, both original and translated from the version of New York Times in English

At the time of its creation, the then director of New York Times in Spanish, Elías López, told Efe that the project will work Mexico, coordinated with a team composed of six editors and journalists and newspaper correspondents for the region. EFE



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