The newcomer is hot, he wants to play a dignified role in the league. I believe in the team, says the sports director of Hradec

David Taneček, ČTK

“In order to fit into the role of an outsider, we don’t feel that way at all,” coach Miroslav Koubek said at Tuesday’s press conference.

The East Bohemians competed in the second highest competition and their staff did not undergo radical changes. “We didn’t want to panic and fundamentally rebuild the team we had formed here for three years. Those who won the promotion deserve to play in the league. Players have heart, character, desire. I believe in the team, but only the season will show its strength, “said Jiří Sabou, the club’s sports director.

Hradec Králové striker Pavel Dvořák (left) during the match against Bohemians.

FC Hradec Králové

Yet slaves welcomed several new faces. The competition in the team was increased by the Fendrich goalkeepers, the defenders Jakub Klíma and Harazim, the new midfielder Rezek and the forward Kubala, who came to the guest with an option to transfer from Slovácko. “I’m satisfied. The players we wanted came. They will definitely be a benefit, they have league experience behind them. They have improved the staff, “says Sabou. All the new faces are pushing on the basic line-up.” It can be seen that these guys played the league and hard matches. They are adapted to a higher intensity, “he added.

The good news for the newcomer is that almost all players are fit before the opening battle against Bohemians. Only Reichl’s goalkeeper bothers health problems. “His forecasts are good, he could start slow training within a month,” Sabou breathed. So either Fendrich or Vízek will stand between the bars at the beginning of the season. “added Koubek.

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