The newlywed wife faints in her husband’s arms, because she is too focused on this part

BANGKAPOS.COM – This incident happened some time ago, but there is a valuable lesson in the story.

Husband couple wife who do the relationship, to pay attention to the safety factor.

Especially couples bride a new one that is so spirited and fluffy, to the point of wretchedness.

As this man experienced, he regrets for the rest of his life.

The first night of marriage made him miss wife forever.

His wife suddenly went limp when the two were having sex.

Couple bride This new origin from China had an unfortunate day.

Reported from Figure.ID, the moment of the first night bride this suddenly turned sad.

This heartbreaking incident happened to the couple bride baru di Lanh Thuy Giang, Provinsi Hunan, China.

After the wedding ceremony was over and guests left, residents said the bride and groom quickly entered the room.

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