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Good morning dear readers,

The night was good news, and of course, as always in such cases with Donald Trump to do. It is now allowed to make bets on how many top changes will be made during the term of the "You're fired!" 40? Or 50? By now we have reached almost 30. Currently affected is security consultants John Bolton, a hardliner and "Master of War" protesting against the canceled Camp David peace project with the Taliban. The man with the Walrossschnauzer leaves the White House in dispute, both have yet to make their peace with each other.

Trump distracts from this "bad stuff" with the news that he is meeting with Iran's head of government Hassan Ruhani "Ready without preconditions". One falls to it Mark Twain a: "Sound proves nothing. A hen that has just laid an egg often cackles as if it has laid an asteroid. "

Manuela Schwesig withdraws from the SPD spike for breast cancer.

She would be the natural candidate SPD-Boss and the party's list of candidates would probably not be nearly as big as it is today. But Manuela Schwesig suffers from breast cancer, as she now revealed in an act of sad strength, and therefore resigns as acting co-party boss. She will remain Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The good news is that the disease is with her curable said the Social Democrat, "I've had some battles in my life and I'll fight that as well." popularity she gets from all sides. Anyone looking for a role model in politics can find it in Schwerin.

Of course, the sympathies of many are Joshua Wong, the impeller of democracy fighters of Hong Kongwho are "separatists" for the People's Republic of China. The 22-year-old traveled to Berlin and explains via "Bild" and ZDF ("Heute Journal") that they continue to fight until free elections are achieved. Hong Kong is in one new cold war as Berlin was before 1989. The comparison is just as clumsy as the little foreign minister Fraternisierungsversuche of Heiko Maas in front of a "picture" advertising board, while the Chinese Foreign Ministry promptly filed a complaint. A cold war can also be summoned.

It happened in broad daylight in the middle of Berlin, in the park of Moabit, the murder on an earlier Chechen rebel. Russia stood behind this murder on August 23, now declare US officials loud "Wall Street Journal." A bombing campaign Now the country is starting against its foreign-perceived enemies, the next message is. The Berlin police had arrested immediately after the gun murder a Russian, whose wrong passport allegedly leads to a unity in the Moscow Ministry of Interior, which denies the government of Vladimir Putin. Incidentally, diplomats see similarities Nerve gas attack on the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, England.

In addition, the Competition Commissioner will supervise digital policy.

(Photo: AFP)

She would have been the optimal president of the EU Commission, but such a rise saw the political poker for Margrethe Vestager not before. Now, after all, it is being promoted: the Competition Commissioner is also responsible for the supervision of Digital policy, So the Dane becomes even more powerful and is in no way the Dutchman Frans Timmermans who looks after climate protection and not Latvians Valdis Dombrovskiswho handles financial market regulation. In our cover story, we analyze that the three Vice Presidents collectively a "triumvirate" behind the new EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen form. The goal of "Team Ursula": to increase the competitiveness of Europe.

In the ARD makes a small thing big trouble. It is about one program conversion on early Sunday evening, when the "World Mirror" – the only foreign magazine – lost its traditional place before the "Tagesschau" to the sport and would advance to 18.30 clock. In the churned debate To the legitimacy of the public-legal that is a "heavy mortgage and thus a wrong decision," write figureheads of the system like Tina Hassel or Claus Kleber to the nine ARD directors. More than 100 journalists also complained to ARD program director Volker Herres about the plans, the letters are available to us. Acting ARD CEO Ulrich Wilhelm explains: "No definite decision has yet been made, and the round of directors and directors will discuss this at their meeting next week."

Officially, the non-communication requirement applies: In no case wants the CDU with the AfD cooperate politically. However, the researchers from "Report Mainz" have now determined that in 18 communities in Thuringia and Saxony There are certainly clear indications of cooperation. And in the council of Express life near Magdeburg The local CDU even formed a joint faction with a right-wing extremist, who was elected as a representative of the AFD in the body. The partner accepted Neo-Nazi marches and admits to like bands like "martyrs" or "ancestral blood". The advice to the Christian Democrats could be from Carl von Ossietzky "You can not fight when the pants are fuller than the heart."

China was once a lighter trading partner. Geopolitical major conflicts like the customs dispute with the US but also local issues such as the debate around Hong Kong cast shadows. How does the middle class manage? What are the chances, what should be considered? We would like to be more familiar with that Fireside chat Round Talking on 19 September in Sindelfingen-Maichingen near Stuttgart. Christian Erles, Vice president of the automation company mushroom, shares his experiences. I could reserve three cards for you, write me: (Email protected),

And then there is Pope Francis, who is now on the way back from the plane Africa visit unusually energetic against his conservatives Critics from America has turned. He sees in it "ideology" at work – and as always in such cases there is the possibility of a "schism", one separation the Catholic US Church of the World Church. He prayed that it would not come to that, but, "I'm not afraid." Referring to the American accusation that he was "too communist," the pontiff pointed out that he was exactly the same as he once was John Paul II say, "I copied him."

I wish you a peaceful day without any schismatics. It greets you warmly

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior Editor

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