The next jewels you give away, give them with this ingenious Pokémon plush

Christmas is coming and we are all thinking about the gifts that will go under the tree, and giving something special is the goal of this 2020 that has been very complicated. That is why The Pokémon Company has created and the best stuffed animal for fans of Pokémon, but this time it’s not a Teddy bear, is a Pikachu ready to be the gift that everyone will surely want. Find out that Pokémon has a luxurious new collection of merchandise.

pikachu joyas abj

Yes it’s him Pokémon series protagonist and of course the favorite of many, so for these holidays you can select between these two models of Pikachu in the form of an ideal gift. Tender with a bow around his neck or with a gift box in his hands, surely no one will be able to reject it and it will not end up in a drawer, the design is perfectly adapted to the character since it belongs to the official franchise, so you will be giving away a Pikachu original.

Do you have friends, family or partner who are fans of the series? Yes? then you already have the perfect gift for this Christmas.

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