The next Mazda CX-5 will not be called CX-50, but the name is registered

Some weeks ago, a half japanese announced that the next generation Mazda CX-5 would change its name to CX-50, citing an anonymous source internal to the brand. Mazda raises its voice and clarifies through a statement that said information is false and nothing published is true.

Among the information disclosed by the site Spyder7 There was also an image that advanced the different engines that would be offered with the alleged CX-50, where a 2.5-liter turbo engine, some mild-hybrid variants and even a 3.0-liter SKYACTIV-X around 285 hp was mentioned. In this regard, Mazda mentions that These formats do not correspond to those that work in the brand.

Mazda registered the names CX-10 to CX-90, and that’s proven

Mazda makes it clear to us that the next CX-5 will not change its name, however, the nomenclature “CX-50” is registered by Mazda in different trademark patent offices around the world, including the United States, as we have been able to confirm. The registration dates from July 5, 2019 and includes all variants from the CX-10 to the CX-90, ten by ten.

Mazda Cx 50 Cx 5

Just because all of these names are registered does not mean that Mazda has plans to use them. Sometimes, brands protect possible names that they could occupy for products in the future, without a concrete plan for new models.

The idea has long been around that Mazda could use an additional “zero” in the name of its SUVs to launch a coupe style variant In order to cope with this booming new segment, however, the CX-30 failed to position itself in that category, which would detract from this theory.

Mazda Cx 50 4

With respect to next CX-5, everything indicates that he will share the rear wheel drive platform with the next generation Mazda 6, in the search of the Japanese firm to position itself above the volume brands with models of more interesting mechanical configurations and high-end interiors.

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