The ninth planet.. new developments that puzzle scientists

We are used to the fact that the planets in our solar system do not exceed the eighth planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). Scientists have monitored new developments about the fact that there is a “ninth planet” the size of the Earth on the outer edges of the solar system. These new developments baffled scientists, concluding that dynamic simulations are necessary to investigate whether the filter is compatible with an existing astroplanet. According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, a recent study revealed that it had found data worth checking where there could be evidence of the existence of the mysterious planet.

In 1983, astronomer Michael Rowan Robinson analyzed data obtained by the infrared astronomical satellite and found three possible sources for the planet between June and September of that year. The study found that the object is traveling through the sky in a region of space close to the galactic plane, according to “Sputnik News”. The astronomer acknowledges that it’s unlikely to be a real discovery, but it may help other studies or scientists know where to look for future searches. “Given the poor quality of IRAS’s discoveries, at the far end of the survey, in a very difficult part of the sky to detect far-infrared radiation, the possibility that the candidate is real is not huge,” Rowan Robinson said.

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Astronomer Rowan Robinson continued: “Given the great interest in the Planet 9 hypothesis, it would be useful to check whether an object with the proposed parameters is in the expected sky region, and is not consistent with the astronomical periods of the planets.” Back in January 2015, a group of astronomers insisted that they had found the hidden planet X orbiting the sun with the help of mathematical calculations. However, not all astronomers believe these claims are true, but now, a new study published by Rowan Robinson claims to have collected data on the mysterious object that is worth checking.

The astronomer notes: “I did a search for Planet Nine in IRAS data in the suggested distance range for Planet 9, and the signature would be an unidentified IRAS point source 60 microns in diameter with a nearby source associated with IRAS Reject Sources file that received only 1 hour confirmed detection (HCON). )». “If this is the case, then searching for a ring of 2.5-4° radius centered around the 1983 position at visible and near-infrared wavelengths would be useful,” the astronomer continues. “Sputnik News” indicated that Robinson admitted that what could be the ninth planet could be just the noise from these clouds.

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