The Nord Stream operator has banned payments to Gazprom


A court in Switzerland has banned the operating company of the Nord Stream Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG gas pipeline from making payments to Gazprom. It is reported RIA Novosti.

"As a result of the ban, all payments from these companies to Gazprom are sent to the Swiss bailiffs," reads the statement.

It should be noted that this decision was taken as part of provisional measures at the request of Naftogaz. The Russian company has stated that all attempts to stop the shares of Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG have been unsuccessful so far.

Previously, on 6 November, Fitch analysts, establishing a rating for a Ukrainian company, observed that Naftogaz had virtually no chance of obtaining $ 2.6 billion from Gazprom, which the Stockholm arbitral tribunal assigned in February.

The dispute between Naftogaz and Gazprom lasted several years. The companies filed judicial claims for the Stockholm arbitration: on the non-delivery of the gas on the basis of the transit agreement and the refusal of purchase, contrary to the terms of the contract. In February of this year, the court partially upheld the demands of both parties. As a result, Gazprom remained indebted to Naftogaz for $ 2.56 billion. The company has already appealed against this decision.

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