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In the ambit of F8 fair, an event in which the developers of Facebook, several new features have been announced Whatsapp in the next months. In this event held in California, which took place between April 30th and May 1st, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has listed the main updates of the most widely used messaging application in the world.

One of the most anticipated updates by many will arrive in the coming months and will consist of the integration between WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, three of the main apps of the Facebook company. This can be done through a new section called "Friends Tab" which will allow you to interact with the stories published on Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as to send messages and make calls in any of these apps. It should be noted that this new function is still under development, which is why no further details on its operation have been provided but it is almost certain that we will have this new section in the coming months.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Bussiness It will also have new features. And the WhatsApp service for companies will have a catalog section where company profile pages can show their products to their customers, a function that adds the possibility of generating a company review to attract new buyers, something that is already in operation in WhatsApp Bussiness. Information on this function Mark Zuckerberg He added that the idea is that users can see and explore all the products offered by each company.

Another of WhatsApp's main new features is the ability to make payments from the app (something that many will appreciate) thus saving users time and effort. This function had already been implemented in India and brought good results, which is why it will be enabled in other countries. The idea is that from WhatsApp, every user can carry out financial transactions and according to Zuckerberg's words with this functionality "sending money should be as easy as sending a photo".

Regarding transaction security, Ami Vora, vice president of product of WhatsappHe assured him this feature will have a point-to-point encryption that will protect users' locations, statuses and passwords. He added that this innovation is important because "in many countries more people have an account Whatsapp of a bank account. "

Even without a specific date, these developments are still under development and improvement, but it is likely that in the coming months there will be news of its release date.

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