The number of brands participating in World Shopping Day in Russia has increased 1.5 times


MOSCOW, 10 November. / Tass /. Around 300 Russian and international brands will offer customers their products at discounted prices at World Shopping Day, which began Saturday in Russia. Therefore, the number of brands participating this year has increased 1.5 times compared to the 2017 sales (about 200 brands have taken part). This was told to the representative of TASS aliexpress in Russia.

The history of the world shopping day

The total Sale Day, known in China as "Bachelor's Day" or "World Shopping Day", is held annually at the Alibaba sites on November 11th from 2009. On this day, within 24 hours, prices on all online trading platforms of the company are significantly reduced. This year the action starts earlier than usual – November 10th at 4:00 pm Moscow time. Despite this, the pre-order of goods became available from October 20, follows from the information published on the official website of Aliexpress.

Buyers will be able to purchase goods on the warehouse in 17 product categories and the maximum discount can go up to 70%. According to official data, daily sales on 11 November 2017, Alibaba platforms amounted to $ 25.3 billion. According to the experts of Yandex.Money, interviewed by TASS, the sales figures exceed the annual records of last year, since the popularity of foreign retailers, especially in China Internet sites are constantly growing among the Russians thanks to low prices and to great offers.

Expectations from this year

According to experts interviewed, this year Russia should increase sales on the day of sale. For example, a representative from Aliexpress said that the turnover in Russia in the first five minutes reached 100 million rubles last year. "Last year, Tmall achieved a turnover of 100 million rubles in just five minutes from the start of the sale, this year we are confident of higher rates largely due to the launch of new categories and brands ", said the company.

The most popular categories are electronics, childcare products and clothing. It is noted that up to 10% of the entire public in Tmall in Russia has already used the service of prepaid goods, putting the goods in baskets two weeks before the start of the sale. In addition, 100 new brands, both Russian and international, have been launched for sale on the platform, many Russian companies are participating in the sale for the first time.

The deputy commercial director of Yandex.Money Anna Kuzmina told TASS that for 10 months of this year, the average control in Chinese online stores among the users of the service was 748 rubles, 22% more than a year before. "As can be seen from the data of purchases made by users of the Yandex.Money service, the interest in World Shopping Day is equally expressed by residents of all regions of Russia – the number of sales per capita is equally high in all the federal districts, but the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg differ: in absolute terms, they make more purchases than customers in other cities, but the share of Chinese sales from the total population is slightly lower than the national average, "he said.

According to Yandex.Money, sales in the global shopping day on foreign Internet sites, especially Chinese, as in previous years, will increase several times.

According to the representative of one of the participants in the sale – the Kinder store (Free brand) – for companies this day is not only an opportunity to increase sales, but also increase the store's rating among users. "The biggest opportunity is not even sell, but increase the valuation of the store, get many feedback. Our store has not yet participated in the day of sales at Tmall, but has participated in similar promotions on Aliexpress During the day of the promotion, the store has achieved a monthly turnover – even more sales than on Aliexpress, "said store representative Vadim Solynin, saying that about 100 articles on about 1,200 items in the warehouse are involved.

Warehouse goods

In May it was announced that the Tmall market opened a distribution center in the Moscow region for 500 million rubles, reducing the time needed to process the half orders. The new order fulfillment center is located on the base of the South Gate logistics complex not far from Domodedovo airport and is planned as the main hub in Russia, its area is 20 thousand square meters. According to the company, the warehouse capacity will allow shipping up to 100 thousand orders a day.

Alibaba Group is China's largest e-commerce internet company. It was founded by Jack Ma in 1999. The group has its own electronic payment system Alipay, the company also owns several affiliated websites: Alibaba, AliExpress and Taobao.


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