The number of victims of flu affects 51 in Qld


The number of victims of the flu in Queensland struck 51 with as many as 24,000 cases registered so far this year.

New figures have revealed the strain that the influence is putting on the health system, with the number of cases confirmed almost five times what is usually seen at this point in the flu season.

There were 1493 hospital admissions with 23,947 cases and at least 51 influenza-related deaths.

Young children were severely affected, with 2203 confirmed cases in children under the age of five. Of these, 169 ended up in the hospital, including 10 who ended up in intensive care.

"This age group is particularly susceptible to potentially fatal flu complications, such as sepsis and pneumonia, because their immune system is still developing, and previous exposure to the flu may be lacking," says Dr. Jonathan Malo, head of the immunization program.

"The flu vaccine is free for children aged between six months and less than five years and I ask parents, if they have not already done so, to book their children for a flu shot."


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