The number of victims of sexual violence has increased by 53% between 2016 and 2017


The number of people claiming to be victims of sexual violence in France rose in 2017 in the wake of the women's freedom movement, according to a large statistical survey published Thursday, December 6.

The study of the National Observatory of Delinquency and Criminal Responses (ONDRP) and INSEE, published on Thursday 6 December, reveals a "strong increase", from 173,000 in 2016 to 265,000 in 2017, the number of people who feel victims of this "non-domestic" violence, that is, committed by a third party who does not live with them.

In this twelfth annual survey on "victimization" and the perception of security, the ONDRP and the National Institute of Statistics ask however to take these figures "with caution".

An awareness from the "MeToo" movement

The reformulation of the issues related to "sexual violence" was therefore able to increase the number of reporters and to provoke a "technical" break in the statistical series collected over the years.

Above all, the "context of freedom of speech on sexual violence shortly before the collection of data on the" Weinstein "case and the" MeToo "movement could have led to" an awareness on the part of the respondents of their victim status, the representation of what is sexual violence, and therefore bring a stronger declaration of the victims, "says the ONDRP.

Of these victims, 93,000 report rape or attempt rape, compared to 58,000 in 2016).

A march to denounce violence against women

Conducted on 16,000 people, the ONDRP "victimization" survey allows to measure the evolution of delinquency beyond the administrative statistics of the police and the gendarmerie, probing the French who do not systematically denounce.

The complaint rates are really very variable depending on the infractions. If they exceed 75% for burglaries or car thefts, they fall below 30% in the event of physical violence. The rate falls to less than 15% when it comes to sexual violence or domestic violence and within the couple.

Victims of burglary on the rise

By way of example, according to statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports of rape and sexual violence increased in 2017 by 12% (16,400) and by 10% respectively compared to 2016 (24,000), but are far from reach the numbers and the trend highlighted by the "victimization" survey.

In the wake of the #MeToo and #balancetonporc movement, the fight against sexual violence has become a problem for both public authorities and civil society. At the end of November, the Ministry of Interior launched an online reporting platform on sexual and gender-based violence to encourage complaints.

The other indicators inventoried by the ONDRP depict a darker image of daily crime than in previous years.

Thus, the victims of burglary and attempted burglary are still increasing (+ 21% between 2016 and 2017) after three years of decline.

Theft without violence or threats, which have diminished in the last ten years, has increased by 46% and has broken the million marks.

VIDEO – 116 006, a new single call number for victims

Terrorism remains the first concern of France

Physical violence outside the family has also increased (672,000 taxfilers) after a decade-long decline.

In contrast, the number of victims of car theft has been at the lowest level since 2006 (210,000 families of victims or 1% of car owners).

A sharp increase since 2010, fraudulent bank debts stabilize at 1,219 million families of victims.

The survey also confirms that terrorism remains the main concern of the French in 2018 (30%), before unemployment (18%) even if, three years after the wave of jihadist attacks that hit the France its share decreases by two points.



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