The O2 mobile network goes down throughout the UK while customers face 4G issues


The O2 mobile network drops across the UK with thousands of customers unable to use 4G customers to tell their anger about not being able to use data on phones with O2How to say losing coverage is becoming a regular problem on the O2 network. sorry for any inconvenience & # 39; and says tech teams are investigating

Mark Duell for MailOnline

01:57 am EST, 6 December 2018

03:19 am EST, 6 December 2018

Thousands of O2 cell phone users have faced problems using their 4G data this morning while the network was facing major problems. Customers have told their anger on Twitter, with some saying that losing coverage was becoming a normal problem and others could not use the satnav on their phone. Users of Britain's second largest telephone network started reporting problems at 4.50am – and O2 representatives on social media said they were "terribly sorry". People have also encountered problems with mobile payment services, including Apple and Google Pay, while others have urged O2 to provide reimbursement for the interruption.

Thousands of O2 mobile phone users have encountered problems using their 4G data today (file image)

Dipesh Parag, of Northamptonshire, tweeted: "Once again O2 disappoints me without 4G or 3G in the area.No notice or e-mail to say it's down." I hope to get compensation for this because it's constantly so. I can not wait for my contract to end. Stay true for nothing. "Emily-Kate Brewer added:" After leaving several trees in my area for weeks and not being able to make or receive calls. "I woke up this morning without data, my partner has to move to London without satellite navigation, really not good enough!" Tweetted Wayne Tuckwell: "What's wrong with the network this morning, O2? in Gloucester. & # 39;

An O2 spokesperson said on his service status website today that voice calls are "working well". And Annie Bass said: 'O2 network? Down? Really?! O2, however, a scary cover, I can not wait to turn off my service provider. "An O2 spokesperson said on his service status website today:" Our technical teams are investigating reports of problems during data usage. Voice calls work correctly. "Our technical teams are investigating and we apologize for any inconvenience." He was later added to Twitter: "We are aware that our customers are not able to use the data this morning, our technical teams are working on the issue with high priority. "We are really sorry and work as fast as possible to solve the problem."

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