The occupation of Sciences Po Toulouse has voted overwhelmingly! –


An amphitheater & Jean Jaurès full! On Thursday afternoon, students, staff and teachers have largely exceeded the maximum capacity. In this period of deep government crisis, crossing the road without breathing tear testifies to the miracle, the debates were rich and lasted more than three hours. This GA is certainly the best debate that has been able since the beginning of the school year. Repression of the police, prospects for the mobilization of the student movement, dynamics of yellow jackets, higher registration fees for foreign students (outside the EU), the need for "all together": the subjects did not fail.

It has been said that the next Saturday, in Act 4, the yellow jackets will walk hand in hand with the climate march co-organized by the Associazione Verde Gaia. All a symbol, while the increase in fuel tax has been legitimized by the government to reduce pollution …

A "safe zone" for high school students

In Toulouse, many high schools have been mobilized since last Friday. Support for high school students who were severely repressed with tear gas, batons and flashballs was on everyone's lips. It has materialized with the vote of a "safe zone" that would have been the construction of Sciences Po. In other words, in the event of violent police repression in the city center, high school students can take shelter in the premises.

The question about the role of students next to the yellow jackets was also asked. Historically, the student movement has played a catalyzing and sparkling role, but so far has dragged this grievance against dear life and social injustice. But here it is now on the offensive. We note that the traditions of self-organization of the student movement (GA, national coordination) are democratic structures that could inspire yellow jackets to structure their movement.

While the Science Po AG gathered more than 200 people at the same time as Mirail, high school students and students who had joined them were too numerous to settle in the large auditorium. More than 3,000 people have been gathered from outside.

Support for yellow jackets and occupancy vote

The need to conduct a youth procession on Saturday was mentioned. There are no common claims with yellow jackets. Around the dear life for example: remember that one student in two works to pay for his studies. A professor has taken an intervention to declare that Emmanuel Macron "is the president of the 1%".

A banner "IEP solidarity and struggle" will be attached to the facade of the institute tomorrow. The occupation of the political studies institute – to make it an open space for alternative courses, an information point around political news and Macron's attacks – was voted by a very large majority.

The next GA will take place this Friday at 9:00. A banner and banner workshop will be set up in the morning, while Sciences Po students are invited to attend the school event tomorrow at 13:00, and obviously to demonstrate next to the yellow jackets, high school students and the march for the climate this Saturday.

The convergence of the struggles is "moving"!


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