The OCDE sees the symptoms of fatigue in economic growth in Spain – News


The pace of growth of the Spanish economy is weakening, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in line with the prospects of a slowdown in the major Eurozone economies. Therefore, the reading of the index number of the indicators again indicates a moderation in growth, after falling to 98.94 points from 99.13 in the previous month.

In this way, the indicator designed to anticipate changes in the economic trend has already accumulated eleven months of consecutive monthly frequency in Spain and has been at the lowest level since August 2013. Compared to the previous month, the data they recorded a decline of 0.19 points, while in terms of decline year on year it was 1.45 points, above the average for the OECD.

The OECD recommends that Spain link the retirement age to life expectancy

The OECD recommends that Spain link the retirement age to life expectancy

In line with the weaknesses of the economy in Spain, the euro area as a whole has deteriorated from 99.5 points to 99.4 points, while the OECD has fallen to 99 , 3 compared to 99. October 4, the worst figure since October 2012.

Most of the world's major economies follow this trend. Germany also worsened this indicator and the OECD said it showed "signs of weakness in the growth momentum", while the United States showed a slowdown in October to confirm the loss of momentum in November.

Only Japan was able to show a "stable economic growth dynamic", as in the case the OECD indicator remained at 99.7 points for the fourth consecutive month.


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