The ‘October summer’ will continue until the Pilar bridge, when the rain will return

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The current episode of summer in october will continue until the beginning of the pillar bridgewhen the rain will return thanks to an Atlantic front that will cover the sky with clouds from the northwest to the southeast of the peninsula, although the rainfall is not expected to reach the Mediterranean area.

“This situation of very high temperatures for the time of year, accompanied, in addition, by almost total absence of rain, will continue without major changes at least until Friday of this week, with records between 5 and 10 degrees above normal. normal in the central hours of the day”, according to Ruben del Campospokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Del Campo added that, “perhaps heading into the weekend, with the arrival of cooler Atlantic air, temperatures will drop clearly and will be more in line with the time of year in the northern half,” although he specified that “there is still “They will be higher than normal in the Mediterranean area and in the south.”

In addition to this drop in temperatures, the passage of a front and the subsequent arrival of low pressures would leave rain on Friday in Galicia and later in other areas of the peninsula, even in Balearicsbut without reaching the southeast of the peninsula during the weekend.

The Canary Islands will put an end to the intense heat at the beginning of next week. “The episode there meets the requirements to be considered a heat wave. It would be the tenth heat wave that has occurred in the Canary Islands in the month of October since 1975, which is when the studies begin,” stressed Del Campo.

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