The OCU recommends avoiding certain sun creams because they may contain a chemical sunscreen that interferes with the endocrine system.

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The Organization of consumers and users (OCU) has analyzed 14 factor sunscreens SPF 30 and 15 sunscreens of SPF 50 and 50+ (some of them for children) and has determined that some of them contain chemical filters suspected of interfering with the endocrine system. Specifically, octocrylene and homosalate.

Octocrylene is a chemical sunscreen suspected of being an endocrine disruptor. For this reason, the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety of the European Commission (SCCS) has restricted its use to concentrations no higher than 10%. Homosalate, for its part, is also suspected of being an endocrine disruptor that can affect the hormonal system. The SCCS prohibits its use from 2025 except in facial cosmetics without propellant and in a maximum concentration of 7.34%, according to the OCU.

The OCU warns that in the sample analyzed there are various child protectors containing octocrylene: Babaria Sunscreen for children SPF 50+, Cien Infantil Solar Spray 50+ (Lidl) and Ecran Denenes Protective milk for sensitive and atopic skin 50+ Spray. In addition, it has detected the presence of this component in five other sunscreens for adults (one of them also includes homosalate in its composition).

For this reason, the OCU recommends that consumers check the composition of sun creams that do not have these two chemical filters before purchasing them. They also warn that there are brands that may not include these chemical filters in one of their products but do include it in others.

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