The old school Porsche 356 becomes electric


The original Porsche will soon be available with electricity following a bond of British boutique companies specializing in retro modifications and recreations.

Known for its Lotus kits that can be purchased to be built at home, Westfield Sportscars recently purchased the Chesil Motor Company, known for its open-top Speedster that uses the shape of the 356 Speedster with the Volkswagen Beetle bases.

The first combined project will include the assembly of batteries and an electric motor on the elegant shape of the 356 Speedster, a car known for its light bodywork and classic style.

The high-tech injection means that the legendary Porsche 356 will be recreated as a futuristic electric car that uses engines instead of a petrol engine.

To be called Chesil E Speedster, the car was shown in the UK over the weekend and the first units are expected within a few weeks.

"We are very excited to have the Speedster with the Westfield brand," said Westfield CEO Julian Turner. "We see the continued global growth of the Westfield collection which provides a tailor-made car to meet the individual needs of our customers."

In the announcement of Westfield's radical retro project, Westfield says its "long-term vision … is to provide the first all-electric car for the home construction market".

It is indicative of how the electric revolution seems destined to shape the post-sales market.

Already there are companies specializing in modifications to electric motors and batteries, which is a big step forward compared to aftermarket turbochargers, large exhausts and reinforced engines that have dominated the scene of the changes so far.

Car manufacturers are also coming into action. For the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Jaguar has created a completely electric version of its legendary E-Type.

They are the classic cars that are being modeled to have a lot of charm for an electrical conversion, maintaining the original appearance but replacing the typically low-power engines with more reliable electric motors that should provide better acceleration.

As a precursor to the iconic Porsche 911, the 356 is a favorite of collectors and enthusiasts.

It has also generated a series of modern recreations, at least one of which will soon have a futuristic focus.



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