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The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. celebrating his 70th birthday

The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. and Prince Philip is not one of the most prominent figures in the royal family, but that certainly does not mean that her story is boring. In the 1980s and 1990s, its scandals filled the front pages of world newspapers.

In the early 1970s, Andrew Parker-Bowles, who was dating Camilla Shand at the time, played with her brother, Prince Charles, but at the time, he had an affair with Princess Anne. Camilla learned of the infidelity and wanted to retaliate with Prince Charles. Even so, in the end, Camilla and Andrew got married. But Princess Anne was not sad for a long time.

In 1973, she married Mark Phillips, a successful rider who won gold and silver medals at the Olympics. After all, Princess Anne also loved equestrianism and also participated in the Olympic Games in this sport.

In 1973, Princess Anne married the successful rider Mark Phillips.

Photo: Profimedia.cz

A few years after the wedding, their family grew. Son Peter was born in 1977 and Zara four years later. However, neither has a royal title. Both spouses wanted their children to live as normal lives as possible.

The marriage was far from sunlit. There was speculation of infidelity and the fact that the couple did not want to share a common room or even a hotel on business trips. It is therefore not surprising that in 1989 the couple announced separation and in 1992 they officially divorced.

Eight months later, Anne was standing in front of the altar again, this time with naval officer Timothy Laurence, with whom she was to maintain a loving relationship. The couple form a couple to this day.

(Un) feeling for fashion

As for the princess of fashion style, it could be said that she is quite conservative and fashion fads avoid him with a big arc. The princess definitely wore the bravest pieces in her youth. Examples are the trendy yellow dress in the style of the 70’s or the mini dress above the knees, which must have been a thorn in the queen’s eye.

With age, however, interest in fashion faded and practical and functional equestrian fashion took precedence. Today, the princess wears very austere and conservative models, which meet the royal etiquette, but are certainly not a successful example of dressing the nobility.

Fashion style of Princess Anne

Photo: Profimedia.cz


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