The operated Loboda burst into tears in front of Malakhov

Svetlana Loboda has recently been admitted to hospital and underwent surgery. Because of his health problems, the artist lost important concerts in Moscow, but the singer herself took an important lesson from what happened – she wants to live, not exist.

Andrei Malakhov spoke with Svetlana Loboda as part of his show "Live". The singer told how she feels after the intervention. He noticed that he was better and said that he had learned an important lesson from this unfortunate situation. "I realized that I was not a robot, it became a sign that I overestimated my values ​​and now I want to build my program so that it does not exist, but I live," said Loboda.

Svetlana noted that she always monitored her health closely and was checked regularly, especially after the birth of her second daughter Tilda. And until recently, doctors found no problems with her. However, during a recent trial, the artist felt a pain in the stomach, but did not give it any importance. He drank a painkiller and continued to work. "And then from acute pain I lost consciousness, everyone got a shock," said the actress, "I sat in a cold ambulance and I cry, I cry because I feel so sorry for myself, it's very painful, of course. "With these words, Svetlana Loboda could not hold back her tears.

The most interesting thing is that only in the second hospital were they able to make the correct diagnosis. And she was operated at all in the third clinic. Fortunately, the surgery went well, and Svetlana is full of programs again. Soon he will go on tour in Germany, then he will perform in Moscow.

Of course, we were talking about a little daughter of Svetlana Tilda, who appeared in the United States in May of this year. "He has blue eyes, big and big eyes, he has a mohawk, we laugh with the whole family," said the artist, "my child is always on guard, smiles all the time and smells very tasty" .

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