The opposition hopes to defeat Gustavo Petro in the local elections today

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The kidnapping this Saturday of the parents of Luis DiazLiverpool striker, and the gruesome death of an official from the National Registry, when a mob burned the headquarters of the aforementioned entity in Gamarra, north of Colombia, were the culmination of a turbulent electoral campaign. The woman died after being unable to escape from the fire caused after the decision of the CNE (National Electoral Council) to disqualify a candidate.

“They could be the most illegitimate elections in our country”, the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, had declared before both events. He had been warning for days of the risk of strong disturbances and lack of guarantees in 133 municipalities, due to irregularities of various kinds and interference in the electoral process by both the guerrillas and the heirs of the paramilitaries.

“I reiterate my rejection against the vile murder of my official, Duperly Arévalo Carrascal,” said the National Registrar, Alexander Vega. “She was the mother of two minors and was cremated in an atrocious case for the country.” He asked the Prosecutor’s Office to arrest those responsible for a burning in which two other workers were also seriously injured. One of them later died in the hospital.

President PetroHowever, he blamed the CNE for what happened. “You cannot disqualify candidates on the eve of the elections. That is triggering violence and setting the country on fire”wrote in X.

As for the armed groups, it is the FARC of Iván Mordisco, the main dissident of the old guerrilla, which represents the greatest danger in its areas of influence. Although they agreed to a three-month ceasefire with the Government and pledged not to interfere in the elections, they have played a decisive role in many localities. Not only must the candidates ask their permission to run, but they support some and force you to vote for them. Others are forced to withdraw and only those they decide can campaign in their areas under control.

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