The organizers of Eurovision saw more details about the countries that did not vote

Six countries participating in Eurovision, whose commissions voted in a non-transparent manner, were announced. These are Sakartvelin, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino.

In such a situation, they were disqualified and their votes were removed and changed according to the system provided.

“After a jury vote analysis after 2022, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) voting partner throughout Europe. “The second general rehearsal of the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest revealed certain irregularities in the voting of six countries,” Saturday’s statement said in a statement.

However, on Thursday, the EBU issued a second formal statement revealing more details about the parties’ illegal voting methods.

“In the second semifinals, four of the six countries in the jury included five other countries in the top five (given that they could not vote for themselves).

One jury included the same five countries in the top six; the last of the six juries included four other countries in the top four and the fifth in the top seven.

Four of the six commissions received at least one set of 12 points, which is the maximum possible score, ”says in the report.

According to the organizers of Eurovision, a violation of the voting model of commissions of this magnitude is an unprecedented case.

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