the organizers of the march against the CST file a complaint with Committee P

Together for freedom“, the organization behind the anti-health pass demonstration yesterday / Sunday, lodged a complaint with Committee P against the way in which the Brussels police acted during the event. There were riots and destruction was committed all over Brussels, according to the organizers, the police themselves were the instigators of these excesses.

We filed a complaint today with Committee P“, confirmed Monday to Belga Ezra Armakye, spokesperson for Ensemble pour la Liberté.

The event had more than 30,000 participants. The police split it in half, then started spraying tear gas and firing water cannons. Tear gas was fired again during the peaceful speech at the Schuman roundabout, forcing me to end the protest“, according to the spokesperson.

Agents in civilian clothes at the origin of the clashes?

The organizers were inundated on Sunday evening with messages and images relayed by the demonstrators. They believe that plainclothes agents are at the origin of the drift of the demonstration.

We have a lot of pictures showing that the rioters are the police themselves. We have footage of plainclothes policemen arriving with scooters and black suits, posing as protesters and throwing stones at policemen. We have it all on picture“, continues Ezra Armakye.

The organizers call on the demonstrators to file a complaint on and with the Comité P and to share their experiences.

The Brussels Capital / Ixelles police zone does not want “react as long as we do not know the exact content of the complaint“, said spokeswoman Ilse Van de keere.

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