The origins of the fortune of Daniel Kretinsky


A Czech billionaire with a meteoric rise, made his debut in the French media, in particular becoming a minority shareholder in the "World".

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Daniel Kretinsky in Prague on December 11, 2012.

How do we become millionaires in less than ten years? As Daniel Kretinsky, 43, has moved from being a young lawyer, paid 900 euros a month in the post-communist Czech Republic, to an energy magnate and the media, with a fortune of 2.6 billion EUR? The appearance of the billionaire contrasts with the gilded decor of the Parisian building where he receives when he crosses Paris: neither the flashy clothes nor the sign of wealth. Mr. Kretinsky interprets the modest ones."I worked hard for years, very intensely, I was very lucky, all with a great team", explains to two journalists of world Thursday 1st November.

The rich head of EPH has made a sharp explosion in the French media landscape in recent months, investing in She, 7 days TV or Marianne. At the end of October, he also became a shareholder (up to 49%) of the participation of Mathieu Pigasse who holds his stake in the group. The world. His unexpected entry on the French scene raises questions, both on the origin of his fortune and on his intentions.

Patrik Tkac and Petr Kellner, his two mentors

In 2009, when he created the EPH in Prague (from his full name Energeticky to Prumyslovy Holding, pronounced "épéhaa" in Czech), no one imagines that this group will become the seventh European player in the energy sector and will weigh over 6 billion euros of turnover.

In the sumptuous headquarters of the EPH, located in the rue de Paris in the historical center of Prague, we proudly tell the story of this self mademan, a young law student from Brno (south-east of the country), who would rise from only the scale of the investment fund in which he was employed, to become a partner, then start his own business.

Son of a judge passed by the Supreme Court, the student …


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