The Ortega regime presents four new detainees for "terrorism"


The socio-political crisis that Nicaragua is going through has brought the regime of Daniel Ortega to take reckless and strongly criticized measures not only by opposition groups in his country, but also the voices come from abroad.

In a problem born last April with street movements and demonstrations for the implementation of reforms that threatened the development of the city, the first to leave were the students, something to which all citizens quickly joined.

However, the response from the government was the worst, with attacks and strong repression against the protesters, in an action that raised the crisis.

On the side of the regime, they attribute their actions as necessary measures to those who qualify as terrorists; however, they are the elements of power that have brought weapons into conflict.

Despite this, the countless arrests have raised criticism. The most recent of these involved four people identified as Oneal Josué Granados and Moisés Alfredo Leiva Chavarría, both aged 24, as well as Yelsin Efrén Mairena, 25, and Eddy Antonio Montes Praslin, according to the EFE agency, which was presented in the courts as "terrorists".

According to human rights groups, over 300 people died in Nicaragua due to the regime's repression, while more than 800 were arrested.

Those who are still behind bars have reported torture, something that has also been accompanied by complaints from international organizations.



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