The ‘Other Boys’ selection finishes fourth in the semifinals

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has also released the semi-finals of its selection after Saturday’s Eurovision final. They show that Latvians “Other boys“remained in 14th place from 17th in the semi-finals.

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The group “Other Boys” is ranked 14th in the semifinals of the selection with 55 points. Denmark also ranked 13th in the EBU table. A total of 17 countries took part in the first semi-final on May 10.

Published data It can be seen that the composition “Eat Your Salad” was rated the highest by our neighboring Lithuanians, awarding it 10 points in the TV viewers’ vote, while the Lithuanian jury awarded “Other Boys” only two points. The people of Ukraine were also generous, giving Latvians five points, and another point came from the Netherlands. In turn, in the jury’s evaluation, “Other Boys” was best liked by Portugal, which awarded us a maximum of 12 points.

Ukraine was the leader of the first semi-final vote, while Slovenia was the last. It should be noted that “Other Boys” did a little better than Samant Tina, who remained in the semifinals of the selection last year with the song “The Moon is Rising” the very last.

The composition of this year’s Latvian jury has also become known – in the final of the “Eurovision”, the Latvian jury gave the maximum number of points to the Ukrainians, and this time the evaluation of the professionals coincided with the popular vote. The Latvian jury consisted of journalist Anna Platpīre, musician Ģirts Lūsis, drummer Ikars Ruņģis, producer Kaspars Ansons and singer Laura Jēkabsone.

It has already been reported that at the 66th International Song Contest on Saturday “Eurovision“The representatives of Ukraine” Kalush Orchestra “triumphed with the song” Stefania “.

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